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Your gums are supportive connective tissues that help hold your pearly whites firmly in place. If you desire a healthy mouth and teeth, it’s essential to have healthy gums! When plaque isn’t regularly removed, it hardens into tartar (also known as calculus) and leads to gum disease. Eventually, gum disease can cause jawbone complications, gum recession and tooth loss. Not only that, gum health can also impact more than your oral health. If gum disease-causing bacteria infiltrate your bloodstream, this can seriously impact your systemic health! Our skilled dentist Dr. Edek Gonzalez has expertise providing customized soft tissue periodontal plastic surgery in Hialeah, FL. At Progressive Dental Office Cosmetic and Implant Center, we offer soft tissue treatments that resolve functional problems, as well as procedures that enhance the cosmetic appearance of gums. We also offer various forms of sedation to ensure your comfort. In many cases, we can use laser technology to gently rebalance and restore your gums without the need for sedation. The ultimate goal is to help you live a functional and healthy life!

Signs of Soft Tissue Problems

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Select Soft Tissue Treatments


Crown Lengthening

The excessive display of gums when smiling is often referred to as a “gummy smile.” This procedure is performed to expose an adequate amount of your teeth’s surfaces to resolve gummy smiles, or to support a restoration (such as a crown). During this procedure, excess bone and gum tissues is reshaped to expose more of your natural tooth. This can be done on one tooth, multiple teeth or an entire gum line.



During a gingivectomy in Hialeah, FL, Dr. Gonzalez removes a portion of gingiva (gum tissue) from in and around your tooth or teeth. This is done to treat gum disease or lengthen the height or width of a tooth or several teeth. Diseased tissue is trimmed and removed, the remaining gums are reattached with sutures, and the area is thoroughly cleaned.


Gum Grafting

Gum recession can cause an unsightly “long in the tooth” appearance. This can be eliminated with the use of a connective tissue graft, a free soft tissue autogenous graft, or tissue from a donor. Reattachment of the gum tissue to the previously exposed root surface improves aesthetics and eliminates or reduces sensitivity associated with gum recession. A gum graft may also be done to promote growth of new gum tissue to completely cover the base of a Dental implant.



The labial frenum is a small piece of soft tissue that attaches your gums to the upper lip above your two upper front teeth. The lingual frenum connects the tongue to the floor of your mouth. If the frenum is too tough, short, wide or tight, this is sometimes referred to as a “tongue-tie” because it can inhibit movement and create functional and aesthetic issues, often causing speech issues in young children. The lingual frenum can also restrict tongue function and cause nursing problems in infants. A labial frenectomy is done to prevent or close a gap between the two front teeth and associated orthodontic issues.



BOTOX injections are an effective way to correct the appearance of gummy smiles caused by hyperactive upper lip elevator muscles. Although controlling gum disease effects aren’t permanent (typically lasting a minimum of six months), research has shown this is a viable alternative procedure for faster and minimally invasive treatment of gummy smiles.

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