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Technology Enables a New Level of Artistry

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” definitely applies to achieving a dream smile. Digital Smile Design is innovative dental planning software used to design and modify smiles digitally. It’s an effective way to establish and explain realistic treatment expectations, and it allows you to visualize your dream smile before treatment begins. Digital Smile Design in Hialeah, FL will help you achieve a smile that perfectly suits your facial proportions and personality. The software features intuitive tools that enhance the process of designing a beautiful and natural-looking smile at your first consultation, for a more predictable outcome at your final visit. In short, this technology provides a method for creating dazzling new smiles that is quicker and more accurate!

How Digital Smile Design Works

At your first consultation, Dr. Edek Gonzalez will discuss your smile goals and possible restorative options. Digital Smile Design utilizes digital videos, photos and scanned digital dental impressions uploaded to the app. Digital mockups allow you to “test drive” new smiles, to see how customized restorations will look and feel. As you work with Dr. Gonzalez to design your smile, you’ll be able to see these changes on a screen and tweak the image until you have created a smile that fits you perfectly. You’ll be able to evaluate the changes, provide your input, and give final approval on your new smile before undergoing any procedures. Once you agree on a plan of action, our on-site lab technician will create models and restorations to carry out your treatment plan.

The Benefits of Digital Smile Design

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Care from an Experienced Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Gonzalez is not only a highly trained cosmetic dentist with the advanced skills and artistic eye to design beautiful smiles, such as the forming and placement of porcelain veneers, he is also the only dentist in the area who is certified in full mouth reconstruction. This technology is an ideal tool for the planning of more advanced procedures, such as complete smile makeovers. Digital Smile Design in Hialeah, FL is just one example of how Dr. Gonzalez uses advanced technology to provide his patients with an experience that exceeds their expectations. Furthermore, because we have our own on-site lab, our practice can provide you with a higher degree of quality control, cost-effective solutions, and the convenience of completing all work under one roof!

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